Carbon-based Functional Materials Research Team


Carbon-based Functional Materials (CFM) research team is a distinguished research team on carbon nanomaterials for energy and environment related applications. The team have 11 group members, including 4 professors, 5 associate professors and 2 senior research fellows. The team has hosted more than 30 research projects, and has already published more than 200 research papers.

Team leader

  • Professor XUE Yuhua, Dean of the department of materials science and engineering


  • Professor YANG Junhe,

  • Professor LI Jing

  • Professor Prof. XIAO Shuning

  • Associate Professor LI Shenjuan

  • Associate Professor TANG Zhihong

  • Associate Professor YANG guangzhi

  • Associate Professor QIU Hanxun

  • Associate Professor SHEN Shuling

  • Lecturer XIU Huixin

  • Dr. LI Haoliang

    Research Fields

  • Design and preparation of advanced carbon nanomaterials.

  • Carbon nanomaterials for energy conversion and storage

  • Nanomaterials for applications in environmental remediation

  • Photocatalysis and electrocatalysis towards next generation energy production

    Important research and development projects

  • The team has hosted more than 30 research projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Shanghai and others


    Important papers and publications

  • The team and team members have already published more than 200 peer-viewed journal papers in top material and chemistry journals, such as Science Advances, Nature Communications, Advanced Materials, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. and so on.


    Important patents and proprietary rights

  • The team has more than 70 patents


    Honors and awards [Optional]

  • Prof. Yang won the First Prize of Shanghai Natural Science Award, 2018.

  • Prof. Xiao won Shanghai Eastern Scholar Distinguished Professor, 2019

  • Prof. Xue won the “Thousand Talents Program of Shanghai”, 2018


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