Research Directions

The major of materials and chemical engineering is mainly engaged in research, development, production and application of metallic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, polymer materials, rare earth functional materials and composite materials. This major trains senior engineering and technical personnel engaged in the research and development of new materials, preparation of materials, analysis and modification of material properties, and effective use of materials.

This major cultivates students with systematic solid material and theoretical chemical background, to understand the development trend in this field, to master the relevant experiments, calculation methods and technologies, to have the ability to solve engineering problems in the field of materials and engage in new materials, new processes, new technologies. It also guides the students to develop the abilities to master the analysis methods for the material chemical composition and organizational structure, the manufacturing process and quality control methods, the material property detection and analysis methods, the material modification technology, the material product processing technology and technology, etc.

The main research directions of materials engineering are: : (1) Biomaterials; (2) High performance materials (including high performance metal / nonmetal / composite materials); (3) Material forming and processing engineering. The main research directions of chemical engineering are: (1) Biochemical engineering; (2) Applied chemistry; (3) Process system engineering and monitoring.