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Since 2009, the School of Materials Science and Engineering (SMSE) insisted that the scientific researches shall rely mainly on applied researches and attach equal importance to applied researches and fundamental researches. According to the connotative requirements of discipline direction, the SMSE promoted the implementation of establishing R&D Center (laboratories) with several large enterprises, set up numerous platforms for industry-university-research cooperation, made breakthroughs on the project planned by Ministry of Science and Technology and published a number of high-level academic papers in the field of the discipline that were in line with the discipline direction.

Up to December 2019,the SMSE received the scientific research funds of 0.3 trillion Yuan; applied for more than 50 national research projects, >60 provincial research projects and > 100 patents; reached cooperation agreements with >50 famous enterprises; established associated Research and Development (R&D) institutions with 5 enterprises; and received the approval of >40 national research projects and the funds of >5 million Yuan. Moreover, we obtained one special fund for the early stage of 973 Research, >30 general programs of Natural Science Foundation, one initial funding for Returned Overseas Chinese Scholars, >10 on-going projects for National Natural Science Foundation of China and >20 provincial research projects. Numbers of the projects obtained by SMSE were nearly tripled since 2009 and the total amount of funds for scientific researches in SMSE reached to2.19 million Yuan. What’s more, SMSE had >20 basic key projects from Shanghai Committee of Science and Technology, >5 special funds for the research of nano-materials in Shanghai City.

In terms of industry-university-research cooperation, SMSE had >20 newly-added scientific and technological development projects from large enterprises; the contract amount in SMSE exceeded 10 million Yuan; and the research paid to SMSE reached 5 million Yuan. SMSE has published >500 academic papers, including >300 SCI source papers; and invited leading experts at home and abroad to carry out more than 100 academic exchanges. Teachers in SMSE has attended more than 100 domestic and foreign academic conferences and has been invited by “211”and higher-level universities for dozens of times to serve as members of academic committees and organizations.

Furthermore, SMSE had hosted several international forum and conferences, such as CARBON-2011, the International Conference on Renewable Energy Source in 2011, the Advanced Materials Forum 2019, etc.