Advanced Energy Materials ResearchTeam


Theadvancedenergy materials teamseeks solutions for sustainable development of future energy resources.We aremainly engaged in research field of newenergy materials and devices includingLi-ion batteries, Na-ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries,supercapacitorsand fuel cell. Our mission is to conduct fundamental research to discover and prepare functional materials that can be used for energy storage andconversions, developmethods for production and application of these materials, and promote commercialization.


ProfessorShiyou ZHENG, National Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Experts,Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader, Shanghai Subject Chief Scientistetc.


Associate ProfessorTao YUAN

Associate ProfessorYuepeng PANG

LecturerShuixin XIA


Lithium ion batterymaterials

New-types ofmaterialsforNa+/K+/Mg2+batteries

Solid state ionic conductor and solid-state batteries

Advanced hydrogen production and storage materials

Advanced characterization technologyforenergy materials

Important research and development projects

Program of National Natural Science Foundation: Design of novel solid electrolyte materials based on alkali metal complex hydrides and their behaviors in solid-state batteries, 2020-2023.

Program of National Natural Science Foundation: Structural design of alkali-metal closo-borohydride based superionic conductors and corresponding construction of solid-state rechargeable batteries, National Natural Science Foundation of China, 2020-2023

Program of National Natural Science Foundation: Study of construction of novel space-nanoconfined LiBH4-based solid electrolytes and their applications in all-solid-state Li-S battery, 2017-2020.

Program of National Natural Science Foundation:In-situ Small Molecular Sulfur Reduction and Intercalation of Graphite Oxides as Cathodes for Lithium-Sulfur Batteries, 2015-2018.

Program of National Natural Science Foundation: Design and mechanism of the photocatalytic hydrogen desorption/absorption of borohydride-based hydrogen storage materials, 2016-2018

Program of National Natural Science Foundation:Study of formation mechanism, influencing factors and the eliminationof lithium dendrite on the anode surface of lithium-ion battery, 2015-2017

Innovation Program of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission:Structural design and control of carbon-based energy environment materials, 2019-2023.

Key Program of the Science and Technology Commission of Shanghai Municipality: Constructing flexible Li-ion battery based on 3D interconnected structural graphene @ carbon nanotubes, 2015-2018.

Important papers and publications

Yuepeng Pang, Xitong Wang, Xinxin Shi, Fen Xu, Lixian Sun, Junhe Yang, Shiyou Zheng*, Solid-State Prelithiation Enables High-Performance Li-Al-H Anode for Solid-State Batteries[J]. Advanced Energy Materials, 2020, 10(12): 1902795.

Sainan Luo, Tao Yuan, Luke Soule, Jiafeng Ruan, Yahui Zhao, Junhe Yang, Meilin Liu*, Shiyou Zheng*, Enhanced Ionic/Electronic Transport in Nano-TiO2/Sheared CNT Composite Electrode for Na+Insertion-based Hybrid Ion-Capacitors[J]. Advanced Functional Materials, 2020, 30(5): 1908309.

Fuqiang Lu, Yuepeng Pang, Mengfei Zhu, Fudong Han, Junhe Yang, Fang Fang*, Dalin Sun, Shiyou Zheng*, Chunsheng Wang*, A High-Performance Li-B-H Electrolyte for All-Solid-State Li Batteries[J]. Advanced Functional Materials, 2019, 29(15): 1809219.

Tao Deng, Xiulin Fan, Ji Chen, Long Chen, Chao Luo, X. Zhou, Junhe Yang, Shiyou Zheng*, Chunsheng Wang*, Layered P2-Type K0.65Fe0.5Mn0.5O2Microspheres as Superior Cathode for High-Energy Potassium-Ion Batteries[J]. Advanced Functional Materials, 2018, 28(28): 1800219.

Tao Yuan, Zhuopeng Tan, Chunrong Ma, Junhe Yang, Zi-Feng Ma*, Shiyou Zheng*. Challenges of spinel Li4Ti5O12for lithium-ion battery industrial applications[J]. Advanced Energy Materials, 2017, 7(12): 1601625.

Shiyou Zheng,Yang Wen,Yujie Zhu,Zhuo Han,Jing Wang,Junhe Yang*,Chunsheng Wang*. In-situ sulfur reduction and intercalation of graphite oxides for Li-S battery cathodes[J]. Advanced Energy Materials,2014,4(16):1400482.

Shiyou Zheng*,Pan Han,Zhuo Han,Peng Li,Huijuan Zhang,Junhe Yang. Nano-copper-assisted immobilizing sulfur in high-surface-area mesoporous carbon cathodes for room temperature Na-S batteries[J]. Advanced Energy Materials,2014,4(12):1400226.

Shiyou Zheng,Feng Yi,Zhipeng Li,Yujie Zhu,Yunhua Xu,Chao Luo,Junhe Yang*,Chunsheng Wang*. Copper-stabilized sulfur-microporous carbon cathodes for Li-S batteries[J]. Advanced Functional Materials,2014,24(26):4156-4163.

Shiyou Zheng,Yvonne Chen,Yunhua Xu,Feng Yi,Yujie Zhu,Yihang Liu,Junhe Yang*,Chunsheng Wang*. In-situ formed lithium sulfide/microporous carbon cathodes for lithium-ion batteries[J]. ACS Nano,2013,7(12):10995-11003.

Important patents and proprietary rights

One electrode material and its preparation method,ChinaPatent,ZL 201410033929.4.

One S-based Li-ion battery electrode material and its preparation method,ChinaPatent,ZL 201410048586.9.

One high-capacity Li-ion battery electrode material and its preparation method,ChinaPatent,ZL 201510829301.X.

One flexible thin film electrode and its preparation method,ChinaPatent,ZL 201610334546.X.

All- solid-state battery mould,ChinaPatent,ZL201710821957.6.

One electrode materialbasedon graphene/partial amorphization tin oxide composite and its preparation method,ChinaPatent,ZL201710417829.5.

Honors and awards

Shanghai Rising-Star(Yuepeng PANG), 2020

The SelectedPerson ofNationalTalentProject(Shiyou ZHENG), 2019

National Outstanding Young and Middle-Aged Expertsof China(Shiyou ZHENG), 2019

TheFirstPrize of Shanghai Natural Science(Shiyou ZHENG), 2018

Shanghai Outstanding Academic Leader(Shiyou ZHENG), 2018

Shanghai Subject Chief Scientist(Shiyou ZHENG), 2017

Shanghai Pujiang Scholar(Shiyou ZHENG), 2014

Professor of Shanghai Special Appointment-Eastern Scholar(Shiyou ZHENG), 2014

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E-mail:syzheng@usst.edu.cn(Shiyou ZHENG);yuantao@usst.edu.cn(Tao YUAN);pangyp@usst.edu.cn(Yuepeng PANG);xiashx@usst.edu.cn(Shuixin XIA)