Research Directions

Based on materials science, chemistry, and physics, the major of materials science and engineering mainly studies the relationship between material composition, structure, processing technology and its performance and application, and applies it to the aspects of synthesis, preparation, structure, performance, application of materials, etc. This program cultivates students' abilities to master material design and preparation process design, improve material performance and product quality, and develop new materials and processes.

In recent years, academics and students majoring in materials science and engineering have their works published in many peer-reviewed journals with high reputation, including "Nature Communications", "Advanced Materials", "Nano Letters", "Advanced Energy Materials", "Acta Materialia", "ACS Nano", "Nanoscale" and "Acta Biomaterialia".

Research directions: (1) Electrical functional materials; (2) Carbon based functional materials; (3) Additive manufacturing technology; (4) Polymer matrix composite materials; (5) Functional alloys and forming technology; (6) Advanced forming technology and equipment; (7) New energy storage device (8) Electrospun fiber and environmental application; (9) Nano materials and application; (10) Micro nano materials and device; (11) Low dimensional functional materials.