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1st Research Paper in the Journal of Chemical Education


Prof. Yu, Dengguang et al. at SMC explored the quantitative relationship between the subjective safety behavior and awareness of undergraduate students in the laboratory and the efficiency of professional knowledge learning in the process of professional course learning, and published a title entitled "A Correlation Analysis between the Undergraduate Students' Safety Behaviors in" in the psychology journal Behavioral Sciences Laboratory and Their Learning Efficiencies". "At any time, personal safety is an important part of life and learning", and the excavation of teaching connotation from this perspective is the result of the guidance of the concept of "all-round education". In this paper, safety education runs through the process of classroom teaching, laboratory practice teaching, and self-training, and quantitatively examines the final exam, which is a typical case of local "whole-process education".

In the relevant teaching process covered by the above two SSCI articles, Yu, Dengguang, a full-time teacher of the college, Song Wenliang (a safety officer of the galvanic body dynamics laboratory), and Zhou Tao and Li Qiang, administrators of the college, all effectively participated in the safety education of graduate and undergraduate students, fully reflecting the implementation and implementation of the spirit of "all-staff education". It is under the inspiration of the spirit of "Three Perfections of Education" and the practice efforts of teachers that the graduate students of the team have made full progress and growth. Since 2022, teachers and students have worked together to overcome adverse factors such as the epidemic and published high-quality research results or thematic reviews in a series of CAS Region I journals, such as Adv Fiber Mater (2 papers), Adv Compos Hybrid Mater (3 papers), Chem Eng J (2 papers), Mater Today Chem (2 papers), Mater Des (1 article), Appl Mater Today (1 article), Prog Org Coat (1), Talanta (1), Sep Purif Technol (1).

The above teaching and research achievements have been funded by the school's medical-engineering interdisciplinary project, encouraged by the ideological and political project of the postgraduate course, and strongly supported by the Party Side High Special Program of the School of Materials and Chemistry.

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