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Foreign students can apply for a four-year Bachelor's program or a 2.5-3 years Master's degree program after obtaining a Bachelor's degree, or a 3-5 years Ph. D. program after obtaining a Bachelor's/Master's degree.

Study programs

1. B.S. programs

Materials Science and Engineering

Materials Forming and Control Engineering

Applied Chemistry

2. M.S. Programs

Materials Science and Engineering


Materials and Chemical Engineering

3. Ph.D. Programs

Electrical and Mechanical Functional Materials

New Energy Materials

Biomedical Chemistry and Sensing

International Cooperations

1. B.S. programs (0.5-1 year)

USST & Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany

USST & Coventry University, UK

USST & University of Birmingham, UK

2. B.S. + M.S. programs (1+1 years)

USST & Florida State University, USA

USST & University of Kentucky, USA

USST & University of Houston, USA

3. M.S. programs (1 year)

USST & University of Bayreuth,   Germany

4. Short-time programs (2-4 weeks)

USST & University of Oulu, Finland

USST & Tallinn University of   Technology, Estonia

USST & Chuo University, Japan

USST & Kindai University, Japan

Information about the Chinese Government Scholarship

Foreign students can apply for Chinese government scholarships to help themselves finish the study program in SMC at USST or pay the tuition by themselves.

2022 CSC-B applicants GUIDE

Please visit or for up-to-date information. You can also consult the Chinese Embassy (or Consulate General) in your home countries or designated Chinese universities for related information.

For other information, please see HERE.


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Contact us

International Affairs Office, SMC, USST

Contact Person: Chen, Zezhong