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The 7th young teachers' teaching competition held successfully


  In order to further stimulate the enthusiasm of young teachers to love their jobs, update their educational concepts and master modern teaching methods, and enhance the teaching quality awareness of the whole college, the school of materials held the 7th young teachers' teaching competition on October 15, and selected excellent young teachers to participate in the teaching competition for young teachers.

  After the preliminary selection and recommendation of the college, a total of 17 young teachers participated in the teaching competition. The competition is based on moral education, the concept of "teaching a good course", the theme of "experience, to let us grow", guided by love and dedication, focusing on strengthening the basic teaching skills and ability training of young teachers, enhancing the integration consciousness of Ideological and political elements, and innovating the ideological and political teaching methods, the competition takes 18-20 minutes of lectures by participating teachers and 5-10 minutes of judges' comments In this paper. The participating teachers actively prepared with full enthusiasm and professional attitude, and the lecture content was professional and wide-ranging. The two groups of judges made detailed comments on the advantages and disadvantages of the teachers in the teaching process, especially put forward pertinent opinions and suggestions for their shortcomings, which benefited each participating teacher greatly.

  Finally, the eight judges scored item by item according to the teaching content, teaching organization, language teaching mode, teaching characteristics and so on, and awarded three first prizes, four second prizes and ten third prizes.

  The successful holding of this competition provides a platform for teaching exchange and a stage for display for young teachers in our college, which further stimulates the enthusiasm of young teachers in our college to love their jobs, renew their educational concepts and master modern teaching methods, and also lays a foundation for our college to build a high-quality professional teachers team with noble morality, exquisite business, reasonable structure and full of vitality.