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Our college held the double selection meeting of 2019 undergraduate tutors


On the afternoon of September 18, 2020, the double selection meeting of 2019 level bachelor's degree tutors of the school of materials science and engineering was held in the lecture hall of the graphic information center. Representatives of nine scientific research team supervisors and all 2019 undergraduate students attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Yan Jin, deputy secretary of the college Party committee.

At the beginning of the meeting, Yan Jin, on behalf of the college, welcomed the students of grade 2019 to join the "big family" of the school of materials. She said that the college aims to cultivate outstanding engineering talents who are "engineering oriented, innovative and internationalized", takes "let everyone become a talent" as the starting point and end point of all the work of the college, and comprehensively implements the "six in one" Bachelor tutor system, so as to realize the personality of students in the aspects of academic guidance, talent guidance, scientific research and innovation, graduation design, precise employment, and further study To guide the whole process.

The tutor representatives of each research team made a comprehensive and detailed introduction from the team members, research direction, achievement display, student source cultivation and future expectation, etc., encouraging students to actively participate in scientific research and innovation, enhancing students' scientific research motivation, encouraging teachers and students to encourage each other, and determined to work hard to build a strong and talented research team.

This conference is not only an important platform for the college's scientific research team to display team style and research results, but also a more comprehensive and systematic professional cognitive education for students. It is also an important bearing for the construction of the college's teacher-student community. We hope that every "material person" will have faith, firm ideals and beliefs, never forget their original intention and keep their mission in mind.