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The Final and Awarding Ceremony of 7th Shanghai College Students Innovation Competition for New Materials Held


 On September 13th, the 7th Shanghai College Students Innovation Competition for New Materials was held at USST.
   This competition was hosted by Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, undertaken by USST, co-sponsored by Shanghai Industrial Technology Center of Graphene and Shanghai Yuerui 3D Technology Co., Ltd. Since the beginning of March, the organizing committee has received nearly 300 entries, among which 185 from 15 universities were selected into the final, covering something about frontier areas such as grapheme, energy saving and environmental protection materials, new-energy materials, biomedical materials, materials of aviation and aerospace and 3D intelligent manufacture. Altogether, 18 were awarded the first, 34 were awarded the second and 52 were awarded the third.

   At the awarding ceremony, Yu Zhensheng, deputy director of Teaching Affairs Department announced the awarding list. Guests from industry association, other enterprises and universities presented awards to those winners. Students from School of Materials Science and Engineering achieved a big success, and respectively won 3 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 12 third prizes.

   Amid innovation measures taken by enrollment in large category, 2020 freshmen are organized to watch the competition, which could enhance their recognition of materials science, understanding of medical-engineering inter-discipline, inspiring them to bear the mission of scientific innovation. To push ahead the integrated construction of “university, middle school, elementary school”, this competition established an off-campus exhibition series, inviting nearly a hundred students from Shanghai Shaoyun Senior High School, Shanghai Chuneng Middle School and High School Affiliated to University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, helping them to learn about the knowledge of materials science, widen their horizons, increase understanding of pragmatic materials science, inspiring students to actively and independently do their learning.

   It has become the largest, the most extensive and the most influential competition for materials science, and the only professional competition for materials science intended for college students. It was aimed to find innovation& entrepreneurship talents, unearth excellent innovation projects, guiding more students to devote themselves to the innovation training and practice. Our school has successfully undertaken 7 competitions for materials science. This competition, with a theme of “share wisdoms, create hopes”, was held during pandemic prevention and control, students maintained  positive emotions, though. This competition characterized by medical-engineering interdisciplinary science pushed ahead the widespread use of advanced technology in engineering area, establishing a learning and communicative platform for innovative, application-driven and compound talents, offering more ideas to jointly tackle difficulties in scientific projects and solve bottleneck problems of discipline development.