This major is China Engineering Education Certification major, the excellent engineer training plan of the Ministry of education and the excellent engineering education pilot major of Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and it is the comprehensive reform pilot major of Shanghai higher education institutions. This major aims at "engineering, innovation and internationalization", forming the characteristics of undergraduate talents training that interact with the new material industry, integrate with scientific and technological innovation, and connect with the world; based on material science, it trains students in the direction of new energy materials, environmental functional materials, polymer composite materials, nano material processing, rare earth functional materials, etc. Focus on the basic theory, professional knowledge and experimental skills in the field of material science and engineering, master the material preparation technology and structure characterization, performance analysis method, be competent for the production design, research and development, project management and other work of relevant enterprises and institutions in the new material industry, and be able to work in the new material, automobile, advanced manufacturing, semiconductor, metallurgy, chemical industry, aerospace and other industries or related fields are engaged in production, design, research, development, quality control, consultation and management.